About Us

Race One Engineering

Stemming from over 25 years of combined experience building engines from NHRA Level Pro Mods to grass roots garage-built weekend warriors, Race 1 Engineering brings to you the premier engine shop in the Midwest! Everything from all billet hemi’s with power adders to naturally aspirated high rpm screamers used in comp cars, we can build it all! We strive to keep our quality of work at the highest level and our wait times at the lowest level. Being a dealer for just about any part imaginable allows us to supply everything needed for most engine builds!

Track Tuning

Remote & On Site Tuning

Race 1 Engineering also offers on site track tuning as well remote tuning. Contact us today for more info at 573-462-6506 or ed@race1engineering.com

Anything from Pro Mods to No Prep Cars, we can put you in the winners circle!